Scholarship Recipients 2017.2018

Scholarship Recipients 2017/2018

Student award winners from 2017/2018 performed for The Musicale on Sunday, March 4, 2018 at the Salvation Army Citadel.

Students performing were:

Katherine Gwisdala, piano

Arik Maul, piano

Drew Mayes, piano

Ella Carlson, piano

Julia Curley, violin

Preston Lee, piano

Sara Goheen, piano

Lillian Rutallie, violin

Elaina Bailey, oboe

Matthew Poor, piano

Timothy Reis, piano

Chloe Douglas, piano

Roxann McLane, piano

Charles Dobat, piano

Caitlin Werick, piano

Kaitlyn Philp, clarinet

Georgia Seeley, voice

Liam Thomson, cello

Mikayla Warner, trumpet


After the program a reception was held for the performers and their families.


Refreshments were provided by Musicale members who baked for the occasion

Scholarship winners 2018/2019

The Port Huron Musicale proudly announces the 2018-2019 Lesson Scholarship winners.

Thirty lesson scholarships were given to students in grades 5 through middle college.  Scholarships are awarded to worthy students who have competed through auditioning and who wish to enhance their musical skills by taking private lessons.  

Grades 9 to Middle College


Rachel Beeler

Noah Carlson

Bailey Compton

Evan Crawford

Brian Martin

Austin Meister

Abigail Tucker


Courtney Johnson

Hannah Winston


Alyssa Koza

Casie Paul


Hanna Heithoff

Kaede Schenk

Montana Schrader

Grades 5 through 8


Ella Carlson

Michael Fritz

Katherine Grisdala

Kegan McPharlin

Isaac Jackson

Emily Smafield

Claire Voss

Ethan Zhang


Darren Bailey

Rachel McLeod

Grace Tucker


Julia Curley

Athena Hope Evans

Jayden Johnson

Dakota Reeves

Sylvie Schrader

These scholarships are made possible through the following:

  • The Robert Fraser Legacy
  • Emily and Ella Stewart Fund 
  • Charles and Margaret Anderson Fund 
  • Harriett Burchill Fund.


Scholarship Application Procedure

Lesson Scholarship Application Forms, Deadlines and Tryout Dates for the 2019/2020 year will be available in January, 2019.  Watch this section for announcements.

Music Lesson Scholarships

These scholarships come from the Robert Fraser Legacy, the Emily and Ella Stewart Fund, and the Charles and Margaret Anderson Fund of the Community Foundation of St. Clair County.

Students in grades 4-middle college compete in front of judges for these awards.  Competition is held in April for the following school year.  Financial need is not required.

Award Committee Chair

Gene Schucker

4318 Gratiot

Port Huron, MI  48060


Tyouts will be held at:

Marysville United

Methodist Church

721 W Huron Blvd.


Two changes to the application procedure are:

1. It is no longer necessary for the private teacher to be a member of The Port Huron Musicale in order to teach students in this program.  Of course, we welcome teachers and parents to join the group if they wish and support the work of the organization.

2.In order to partially cover the costs of the scholarship auditions, students will be asked to pay a $5 fee to audition.

Application forms may be downloaded below when available.

Summer Camp Scholarships

Auditions dates will be announced later.   Applicants in grades 10 or 11 play a competitive audition for judges.  Financial need is not required.   Awards are usually around $500. 

Note:  A minimum of three applicants are required before tryouts will be held.

Forms will be available below to download

Application forms and Information about scholarships

Scholarship Information 2018 (pdf)


Scholarship Application 2018 (pdf)


Summer camp information and forms

SMC Poster 2019 (pdf)


SMC Award Audition Application 2019 (pdf)